Mystery blogger award ✨


1: Put the award logo/image on your blog

2: List the rules

3: Thank whomever nominated you and provide a link as well

4: Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

5: Tell your readers three things about yourself.

6: Nominate 10-20 other bloggers.

7: notify the nominees by commenting on their blog.

8: ask your nominees any five questions of your choice with one weird or funny question.

9: Share a link to your best post

I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Melissa flick here’s a link to her blog make sure you go check her inspiring creative blog out here , who blogs about life in its self , being a mum and many other things she finds potential to write about. The creator of the Mystery Blogger Award is Okoto Enigma check out her lifestyle and travel blog here.

Three things about me:


My grandad is the original MilkyBar Kid from the first advert that was aired in 1961 who was played by Terry Brooks. So yes the little cartoon character on the chocolate bars is portrayed on my grandad.


I love tattoos and piercings, tattoo wise I have half a sleeve on my left arm that’s a Mexican theme, it’s got the Day of the dead girl ( Día de Muertos) mixed in with other Mexican attributes such as the Mexican sugar skull and loads of roses.

My right inner arm is taken up by my sons date of birth that’s wrote in Roman numerals attached with a rose. I have a few basic tattoos aswell on my fingers an side of my hand, I do plan on getting the top of my back tattooed with a mandala pattern which symbolises blossoming life and upcoming success. This would be the perfect tattoo to show my journey through pregnancy an motherhood and how strong I’ve been throughout.


lastly I love cooking, I have a real passion for this. The chef I’ve taken to recently is Thomasina Miers , She’s the co founder of the Wahaca Mexican street food restaurant & this is one of my favourite restaurants in Covent gardens.

Five Questions asked by Melissa:

1: what motivates you to blog or got you started in blogging?

when I was heavily pregnant I stumbled across some mummy blogs and they really spoke to me, I had spd and suspected preeclampsia so as you can imagine I had every thought running through my mind reading up on a few blog posts about what I had really cleared my mind on so many things. I understood more, and I wasn’t worried as much thanks to these blogs.

Reading other people’s journeys made me wanna start my own and bring use on the adventure as I entered a whole new world of motherhood and hopefully help other people out with my blog posts like they did for me when I was pregnant & scared.

2: What are five things you couldn’t live without?

1- My Son ( Riley-Ethan)

2- My Mum/ family

3- Money ( sounds sad but you can’t you need to buy the essentials like food, clothing some how)

4- memories of your past and all the good times you’ve had.

5- photos- for when you get old and your brain starts jumbling up your memories you can always look back on the photos and remember something that you can’t relive.

“ We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone ‘’


3: What is an embarrassing childhood memory?

One weekend my nan an grandad took me to Southend with my cousin Garry i was only about 5 and he was about 9 years old.

So while we’re on the train from West Ham to Southend I literally got up out of my seat walked into the middle of the carriage and started singing I am the music man and my nan an grandad was singing along while I’m busting out my moves ( sooo embarrassing) anyone who was on that train must have thought so many things lol.

my nan said when I was younger I loved to be centre of attention and all eyes had to be on me ( nothings changed) .

4: where do you see yourself in 10years?

I love this question, in 10 years time I hope to see myself owning my own place having a proper family home for myself and Riley, maybe have a partner. And hopefully in 10 years time I’ve visted and looked at potential places in Australia.

5: If your life was a reality show what would it be called?

If my life was a show it would definitely be a 18+ show with all the swearing I do can’t condone swearing to children now, but if I had a show it would probably be something like

✨ The unedited first time mum ✨

that would have all the good and the bad days.

My best post link is:

I think the best post I have written is ; Is having a caesarean lazy? . Because it is a very personal subject to me and I go into depth about the struggles I experienced as a first time mum dealing with my own recovery whilst dealing with a new born.

My nominees are:

Becky Carver from EyefulEvents I’ve been following Beckys social media for quite some time now and her blog posts are so inspiring. Who promotes motivation, her blog has become one of my favourites she’s currently traveling through Australia and I can’t wait to read about her travel journeys.

Carly Tamara from prettystyleofliving She has a wonderful blog, I always look forward to reading her new posts, weather it’s how to make a new cocktail or when it’s 22 thoughts you have on a night out. Her posts are filled with detail and you should go check her out.

Stephanie jay from iamstephaniejay , her blog has so much inspiration and its jam packed with information. She writes about mental health, beauty hacks and mental health. I love reading her blog and can’t wait for new content.

Lauren from girlygabble is a blog based around women’s lifestyle, if your a women you can relate so much to her posts I know I did! From the moment you go onto her page your taken in by the colours and how her page looks, definitely go check her page give her a follow and show her some love.

Soffy from themumaffairs Was one of the blogs I read while I was pregnant and gave me the inspiration to start my own blog. The layout of her blog stands out so well. Can’t wait to read some new upcoming posts.

Sassandcurve Is one of my top 5 blogs to read through, I relate to so much on this I’m a size 14-16 uk and sometimes that’s classed as plus size. But she promotes body positivity how to love your body and that’s amazing. She also does travel & beauty blog posts.

Atoughtimetobehonest , this blog is written by a male in his 20’s about his point of view on life, he’s just getting started but definitely got loads of potential, Go show him some love.

Brittney rose from makelifevibe her blog is about experiences in life, advice and many other things that she feels that has potential to write about that you need to go check out.

Her blog is filled with amazing posts that are crammed with information my fave post of hers would be the love letter to the 90’s .

Fun fact about me – I have a rare eye colour, my eyes are bright green and only 2% of the world have this colour.

Your questions are:

1: what’s your purpose for blogging?

2: what’s one little fact about you ?

3: what’s your main goal in life ?

4: which celebrity inspires you and why?

5: If your life was played out as a movie who would play you and why?

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3 thoughts on “Mystery blogger award ✨

  1. Awesome! Love the reality show name!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww, well thank you!! I’d love to see your sleeve, I like tattoos too!


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